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Dear Mama!

Sweetie Pie Organics makes functional foods for pre-natal and post-natal periods. Our products are lactation consultants and OBGYN recommended.

Whole Foods Market has been an amazing partner for us since we have launched our Lactation Smoothie nationwide in 2016. We were lucky to partner later on with fantastic retailers: Harris Teeter, HEB, Buy Buy Baby (BBB), CVS  
Today our products are available at Walmart and
Last year I among hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses lined the halls at Walmart’s Home Office to pitch our Lactation Line to Walmart buyer. During the 5th annual Open Call event, Sweetie Pie Organics got a deal on the spot to go on Walmart store shelves in Jan 2019. That was one of the most impactful moments for us, and I could not be more thankful to the Walmart buyer for giving us a chance and the opportunity to make our Lactation Smoothies more accessible for moms in need. Our customers, busy young families, these life-time shoppers, like the convenience, and having our products available at Walmart made a huge difference for them.
Because of the support of major US Retailers  busy millennial mamas can buy the smoothie in all states. Now we are more confident that shoppers can find our products in their neighborhood store as they have asked us!
You are doing great Mama!
Liliana Cantrell, CEO
Sweetie Pie Organics

 Liliana -Cantrell-CEO-Sweetie-Pie-Organics