Dear Mamas! Thank you so much for participating in the Sweetie Pie Mama Ambassador Program. We have put together this survey to obtain some feedback from everyone to improve our program and products. This survey will take a few minutes of your time - please click the survey button below:


Sweetie Pie Mama Community Group

We don’t want to say goodbye, and would love to keep the lines of communication open. You are always welcome to keep in contact with us at We are also creating a group that will be entitled “Sweetie Pie Mama Community” for moms who have participated in the program and would like to remain a full-status Sweetie Pie Mama Ambassador. We would love to have you join, although it is not mandatory. The group will be a place for everyone to share ideas, ask questions, and give each other words of wisdom on the joys of motherhood. We will also share any of our promotions and new product information in the group. You will receive an invite to this group in the near future.

If you would like to do the ambassadorship again, please remember the following:

  1. We have 3 cycles throughout the year.

  2. You can't apply consecutively and will need to take a one cycle break before applying again.

  3. Remember that after you complete one cycle of Ambassadorship AND join Sweetie Pie Mama Community group on Facebook you get to keep/have the following perks:

- Wholesale Pricing

- Giveaway Hosting

- Event Sponsorship Opportunity

Special bonuses, news and updates, exclusive sweetie pie mama opportunities and an inside scoop on what we have going on.