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Congratulations on being chosen for Sweetie Pie Mama Ambassador Program!

Please review the guidelines of the program, if you feel that circumstances have changed or you are no longer able to commit to the program, don’t fret – just let us know and we can part friends.


Commitments & Expectations:

Brand & Product Representation: As a Sweetie Pie Mama Ambassador, you will be expected to take Sweetie Pie Organics products to the public places, including moms meet-ups, parks, museums, social gatherings etc. We ask you to use the product in front of other mamas, spread the word and share when appropriate. All products will be provided to you by Sweetie Pie Organics free of charge.

Social Media Mentions: You must be willing to promote our products and brand by posting content, sharing your adventures and tagging us on any social media medium you prefer (including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Please post at least 1 social media mention with a picture per week, if you feel inspired we would love to see more content, but we understand that life with a baby gets busy :)

Product Feedback:

  • Testimonial review in a text or video format shared on Social Media with tagging Sweetie Pie Organics and hashtag: #sweetiepiebaby.
  • Free form feedback is also welcomed - tell us what do you think about our products? We continuously work on improving our snacks and if there is a way to make it better we want to know it :).
  • Review of your favorite products on our web-site or/and other web-sites, we'll let you know more during the program 

Social Media Mentions: You must be willing to promote our products and brand by posting content, sharing your adventures and tagging us on any social media medium you prefer (including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Please post at least 1 social media mention with a picture per week, if you feel inspired we would love to see more content, but we understand that life with a baby gets busy :)

Conflicting Sponsorship:  If you represent other breastfeeding supplements or pre-postnatal foods/drink brands you agree to disclose that. E-mail us at  and we'll let you know what our thoughts are. 

Host a Giveaway (Optional) If you’d like to host a giveaway for your followers we'll include your SM in our weekly giveaway program, so you Mama-Friends can benefit and get a freebie here and there.

Host a Event: (Optional) If you’d like to organize and host a party (social meet-up) or are teaching mommy classes/ yoga classes etc we will give you some products and brand props for your event. You will work with one of our team members. Please see how to request to host an event below. This sponsorship option is not guaranteed - eligible applicants will be contacted via e-mail by one of our team members 1-2 weeks prior to your event.

Do you have a blog? Here are the ways to support Sweetie Pie Brand for Blogging Mamas: 

    • Write a Blog Review: Reviewing the products on your blog is a great way to let your followers know about something new; we would share your review on Sweetie Pie Organics channels which will help to grow your blog's followers, so it's a win-win for you and us.
    • Host your own Giveaway: If you are interested in hosting a giveaway please email us at A team member will contact you directly.
    • Create Content: We love to partner with bloggers to work on creating content - if you are interested to learn more about this opportunity, please email us at
    • Other Collaborations: We are always open to new ideas and suggestions - please contact our team at If you have a media kit and/or other inquires about collaborating with our brand you can send it our way and one of our team members will get back to you.

What's in it for you: What you get in exchange for being a Sweetie Pie Mama

·    Branded Merchandise (You may receive one of the following: branded T-shirt, hat, pin, tote bag, etc.) NOTE* it might arrive separately from the products.

·    Limited Free Product (free samples for you to try, review, share and have fun with).

·    Coupons + deals (you will know first about all the news, deals and promotions that are happening at Sweetie Pie Organics).

·    Wholesale price on all Sweetie Pie Organics Products during the program.

Again note: This isn’t a paid sponsorship program. If you are seeking monetary support, do not accept a place on the Sweetie Pie Mama Ambassador program.

If you are certain that you meet all of the above criteria, please accept your place in the Program.

What's Next:

Accept Sweetie Pie Mama Ambassador invitation by accepting our Terms & Conditions HERE

Accept an Invitation to Sweetie Pie Mama Facebook Group - you will receive a separate e-mail with an invitation. This is where a lot of communication between us and you will take place, so this is very important!

Like us on Facebook:

Follow us on Instagram: @snacksweetiepie

Follow us on Twitter: @snacksweetiepie

If you have any questions - please e-mail us at or contact us via Sweetie Pie Mama Facebook Group.



The social media mentions are meant to be fun and do not necessarily need to show product in each post. Your post can be about your experience in general with the hashtag #snacksweetiepie. We ask that you post a few times a week, but if that isn’t how much you post normally don’t stress, we want your posts to be genuine and interesting. Please post at least once per week on your choice of social media.

As an example, if you are posting about your baby’s activities, daily routines, etc. all you have to do is add the hashtag #snacksweetiepie. You don’t have to say anything else about Sweetie Pie Organics – so your posts don’t need to have a clever marketing message, just the hashtag. 

However, if you are using # snacksweetiepie or other Sweetie Pie Organics hashtags, please make sure you are including product in the picture and tag us If it’s a picture of a baby, you can hashtag it no problem. It just looks a little contrived if you have Sweetie Pie products and using our hashtags. 

No one will be kicked off the team for not posting, but a post every now and then in our behalf would be awesome. That is basically all we ask.

Note: If you have your social pages on lock down (meaning your security settings are set so only your friends can see your posts)…then only your friends can see your posts…which also means we can’t see them, even if you tag us we still can’t see your post.


#SnackSweetiePie #SweetiePieLactation #SweetiePieBaby

If you’d like to see your photo featured on our social channels, here are some tips:

If you have your social settings locked down Fort Knox style (for instance only your friends can see your posts) … then ONLY your friends can see your posts even if you tag Sweetie Pie Organics or use our hashtags. In this case, there will be an online Facebook group (closed) where you can post your photos that we’ll be able to see them. In the meantime, you can do these things:

1.     Post on Instagram or Twitter (if you post only on Facebook be sure to either post to Sweetie Pie Organics Facebook page or tag us (@Sweetiepieorganics) AND be sure your post is set to “public”).

2.     Tag us in your post!

a.     Twitter handle: @snacksweetiepie

b.     Instagram: @snacksweetiepie

c.     Facebook: @sweetiepieorganics

3.     Use a hashtag! We search for #snacksweetiepie and #sweetiepielactation for Lactation Smoothie. We also search for #sweetiepiebaby for all product lines.

4.    Post a good picture! If your picture doesn’t have any Sweetie Pie Organics products, or features competitors product in the picture, we are less likely to re-post it.