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All Mom Ambassadors have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

I hereby acknowledge and agree that:

All of the demographic information provided by me above is true to the best of my knowledge;

I am at least 18 years old and have at least one child under the age of 21;

I am a legal resident of one of the 48 contiguous United States or the District of Columbia;

I will accept e-mail from Sweetie Pie Mama program, , Sweetie Pie Organics (“Sponsor”);

I will receive samples at no charge to me;

I understand that the Sponsor may substitute and/or cancel samples with or without notice to me;

I will share these samples at no charge with other mothers who are at least 18 years old and are pregnant or have at least one child under the age of under 36 months old.

I will not sell, barter, or require non-monetary compensation for, any samples;

I will not conduct any form of raffle, lottery, contest or any other games of chance in which the “winner” receives one or more of the samples without the prior written permission of Sponsor for each separate event. I understand that I must explain the details of each such event to Sponsor, and Sponsor may grant or withhold permission in its sole discretion;

This is a members-only program and I will not disclose through any media, including email or the Internet, the sampling invitations that I receive;

I will not charge fees to participants in my group(meet-up or other social gathering), other than as is necessary to cover actual expenses that I must spend to run the group (e.g. if I have to pay a rental fee to use a meeting space), and, if I intend to charge fees, I will inform the participants in advance of any meeting where the fees will be collected.  I understand that no fee may be charged for samples;

I will use any materials provided to me by the Sponsor only as directed;

I am not an agent or employee of Sponsor;

the Sponsor owns all right, title and interest in the content and material it provides to me, and I will not modify, create derivative works from, perform, distribute, copy, display, or otherwise exploit any such content, in whole or in part, except as permitted by law, or with the express prior written consent (or instruction) of the Sponsor;

The Mom Ambassador Program is continuously evolving and may change from its initial presentation as time goes on, and I understand that the Sponsor may, but is not obligated to, let me know of such changes;

The Sponsor can revoke my membership at any time; and the Sponsor is not liable for events and incidents that occur at Mom Ambassador meetings sponsored by me, and I agree to indemnify the Sponsor and its affiliates, employees, agents, representatives and third party service providers, and to defend and hold each of them harmless, from any and all claims and liabilities (including attorneys fees) against a Sponsor which may arise from: (i) events or incidents, including injury, occurring at meetings I run as a Mom Ambassador; (ii) my unauthorized use of the Sponsor’s material; and (iii) my breach of the applicable portions of these Terms and Conditions. I accept these Terms and Conditions as outlined above.