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organic snacks

A great way to get veggies down your little one without a fight
Even though they seem like a snack, they have a full serving of vegetables offering at the same time a cracker feel.  Only organic ingredients that you know, no sugar added and no preservatives.

Great for learning how to self-feed 
The wafer shape is just perfect for tiny hands. Light weight and not very messy, these are great for snacking around the house or on the go.

Wafers are wonderful for teething
The texture helps the itchy gums, they do not get mushy and dissolve pretty quickly creating very little to none mess for you to clean up.

Great way to open up flavor profiles
Tiny wafers come in three unique flavors: Apple, Sweet Beet, Carrot.

Apple Tiny Wafers
The Apple flavor is not overpowering and you can taste a light touch of cinnamon.  A very easy snack to introduce since most baby snacks come in an apple flavor. The wafers are about an inch in diameter and easily grasped and held by tiny hands with little grooves.

Sweet Beet Tiny Wafers
Sweet Beet wafers are light and crunchy, these tiny treats are full of flavor, made with organic beetroot juice and a hint of shallots they will delight your little ones. Great as a savory or sweet snack. 

Carrot Tiny Wafers
Carrot wafers are not too sweet and not too savory. Made with real organic carrot puree and organic carrot juice they are just right for your baby to explore new flavors. Enjoy with a banana puree or cream cheese, the pairing options to satisfy your picky eater are endless.

Convenience on-the-go
The small boxes are easy to travel with and share with other toddler friends. The package has 3 toddler servings that can be used later.

Perfect addition to the meal 
Great snack to pair with your little ones’ favorite spreads and dips like (peanut butter, yogurt, hummus) for a little calorie boost.