Help With Nausea During Pregnancy


Definitely Better Than Pickles: Tummy Settle Nausea Relief Drops

When I was pregnant with all three of my children I had terrible morning sickness. I mean that thing would not go away for 3 whole months! I had low energy and felt bad a lot of the time. But for me, the worst part was the taste. 

This strange persistent almost metallic flavor that would haunt me day and night, even after eating and drinking. I had to eat all the time. I wasn’t always hungry but if I stopped, the horrible taste would return. Pickles helped me most or all for some reason:) I also felt better about eating them because at least they are a very low-calorie food... I mean, who wants to gain twenty pounds in just the first trimester of pregnancy?! 

Enter Tummy Settle Nausea Drops from Sweetie Pie Organics.

One of the moms in my church group gave me some to try and I was instantly hooked. The peach flavor is delicious- they taste just like peaches (I’m probably biased since it’s my favorite natural flavor). So I bought some more and really enjoyed them. 

They helped so fast. It didn’t occur to me that I might have a Vitamin B6 deficiency that could contribute to my morning sickness. These have 40 mg of vitamin B6 per serving so they really boost your vitamin levels.

And what I love is that there are only 30 calories in 4 pieces! That’s roughly 7 calories per every drop, how cool is that? That’s the absolute lowest I’ve seen in any nausea lozenges or even hard candy. Organic tapioca syrup is much lower in calories than sugar. Yay! A win for this mama :)

Tapioca syrup is a great alternative to high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, or even rice syrup. Rice syrup can be quite high in arsenic because it’s made from rice. When rice grows it tends to accumulate arsenic from soil that had been treated with pesticides.

I eat a clean plant-based diet and non-toxic living is very important to me. These drops are made with organic ingredients and contain no pesticides and chemicals that are usually present in non-organic foods. 

When the immune system is more vulnerable(or when you are making a human!), it’s super important to avoid all artificial additives and toxins. A clean diet full of vitamins and antioxidants will help both you and your baby.

Obviously, real ginger is a superhero for nausea relief. I’m not a huge fan of straight-up ginger. I did drink ginger tea occasionally. What I like about these lozenges is that the main flavor is peach so it masks the ginger perfectly. 

And don’t tell anyone...I still eat a few sometimes because I like them that much ;)