Switching to stage 3 baby food: Introducing healthy variety and independence

Switching to stage 3 baby food: Introducing healthy variety and independence

Is my baby ready to start stage 3?

Stage 3 baby food includes food with chunks and other soft, easy to chew foods. After a few months of eating “solid” food, the American Academy of Pediatrics says some common signs that your baby is ready for stage 3 include improved swallowing skills, more hand-eye coordination, and the ability to move food from a spoon to their throat. You should expect your child to be ready for stage 3 around 9-10 months.

How should I feed my baby differently?

Your baby is now ready to start being given solid foods such as well-cooked chicken finely chopped, scrambled eggs, and wafer-type cookies or crackers. To avoid choking, make sure anything you give your baby is soft, easy to swallow, and cut into small pieces. You should make sure that they receive a variety of foods on a daily basis that may include the following: 

  • Breast milk and/or formula
  • Meats
  • Cereal
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Eggs
  • Fish

On top of variety it is important that you are providing your baby with all organic fruits and veggies to give them the most nutrients and least amount of nitrates possible. The AAP stresses how important good eating habits are at this age because they help your child learn to eat well for the rest of his life.  

How do I teach my baby to eat on their own?

Another important thing at this stage is starting to teach your baby to feed themselves. A common method used is to teach babies to put finger foods in their mouths themselves. Little treats like Sweetie Pie Organic Carrot Tiny Wafers  make great healthy snacks that your baby can easily hold and feed themselves with. You can check out those and several other healthy, organic, non-GMO finger foods for toddlers in the Sweetie Pie Online Store. Visit our Parent Portal for some baby solid food recipe ideas.