Breastfeeding And Positioning

For some people, the process of breast feeding seems to come naturally. Although there's a level of skill required for successful feeding and a correct technique to use. Incorrect positioning is one of the biggest reasons for unsuccessful feeding and it can even injure the nipple or breast quite easily. A lot of women prefer to wear a nursing bra to allow easier access to the breast than other normal bras. The length of feeding time will vary. Regardless of the duration of feeding time, it's important for mothers to be comfortable.


The following are positions you can use:

  1. Upright - The sitting position where the back is straight.
  2. Mobile - Mobile is where the mother carries her baby in a sling or carrier while breast feeding. Doing this allows the mother to breast feed in the work of everyday life.
  3. Lying down - This is good for night feeds or for those who have had a caesarean section.
  4. On her back - The mother is sitting slightly upright, also a useful position for tandem breast feeding.
  5. On her side - The mother and baby both lie on their sides.
  6. Hands and knees - In this feeding position the mother is on all fours with the baby underneath her. Keep in mind, this position isn't normally recommended.
  7. Latching on- when the mother strokes the baby's cheek with the nipple. The baby will then open its mouth towards the nipple, and the nipple will be pushed in.


Anytime you don't feel comfortable with a feeding position, always stop and switch to a different position. Each position is different, while some mothers prefer one position, other's may like a totally different position. All you need to do is experiment and see which position is best for you.