The Cause of Morning Sickness

Ever wondered the cause of “Morning Sickness”? Could it be estrogen, HCG, or the fact another person is literally growing inside of you?

Truth be told, it could be a bit of all of these. No one really knows the exact cause of morning sickness. We only know it’s a trait of pregnancy; the nausea, the vomiting, it is all a part of the process of childbirth & all the changes occurring within the body.

We do know that certain things do play roles in the matter of the nausea, and vomiting. Such as HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), this hormone rises vastly at a very high rate early in pregnancy. There is no direct connection between HCG with nausea, or vomiting. But the timing of both occurs near each other often. The sudden rise of any hormone is very likely to have side effects.

In the same category estrogen is another thought to be cause of the nausea experienced. Estrogen rises rapidly when pregnancy occurs in the same manner of HCG, the timing is immaculate.

The vomiting also have been thought to be tied to the heighten senses mothers experience while pregnant. The overbearing smell of foods or sensitivity to odors could make vomiting seemingly easy to occur. Even miniscule aromas have been proven to bother moms during pregnancy to the point it can cause an instant gag reflex.

The sensitivity doesn’t just stop there with the senses, but also with the stomach being weakened. Studies have shown a women’s digestive tract are sensitive during early pregnancy. The bacteria “helicobacter pylori” doesn’t help much either because it has some ties to vomiting.

Lastly, the cant be failed to be mentioned factor: STRESS! The idea that women naturally have a psychological predisposed reaction to stress which is vomiting and nausea isn’t unheard of.  Some researchers actually believe it is women’s abnormal response to the stress.

Pregnancy isn’t all fun, and comes with tons of lessons. One of your first lessons and challenges, morning sickness will require you to learn to be patient with oneself. It’s all a process.