Why fruits are important while breastfeeding

It is important to eat well when breastfeeding and not to diet or cut down foods. While breastfeeding, your body is making milk 24 hours a day so you need to fuel it even more than normal. It is important to still get your daily intake of fruits but you should be careful with what fruits you consume. 

Fruits you should stay away from while breastfeeding:


PineappleOranges, Lemons, Grapefruits

When breastfeeding you should stay away from the citrus fruits because this may cause your baby to experience an upset tummy. Eating citrus food while breastfeeding does not affect every baby, but it is something to look for if your baby is cranky and uncomfortable.

Fruits recommended while breastfeeding:

Apples and pearsApricots

BananasGreen Papaya

These fruits are all healthy for the mother and the baby and give you the vitamins you need to breastfeed effectively. Apple juice will not make you gain any excess weight after pregnancy and it also helps with the growth and development of your baby. It is better to be safe than sorry when breastfeeding. 

Citrus fruits may make some baby’s very uncomfortable, but for others it may not. Always remember, if you feel like your baby is not reacting well to something you’re eating, ask your pediatrician or a local lactation consultant. A consultant would help you figure out which fruits and foods are best for you and your baby.