10 Healthy lunch ideas for toddlers

10 Healthy lunch ideas for toddlers

Here's a list of our 10 favorite healthy toddler lunches!

1.       Turkey & cheese sandwich, cheddar rice cakes and strawberries: This is an easy go to recipe; for an added bonus cut the sandwich into a fun shape for your child.

2.       PB&J rollups, carrots and cucumber and strawberries: A good twist on the standard PB&J with a few very healthy sides to complete a great lunch.

3.       Cheddar cheese, sliced apples and kiwi, raisins, lemon pepper chicken breast, and baby carrots: This toddler lunch will taste even better than it looks. Just remember to save enough for your child.

4.       Oranges, peas, corn, lima beans and turkey burger: A great all around healthy meal that gives your child a lot of variety.

5.       Fish sticks, corn, lima beans, squash and hash browns: It's important to give your child a variety of foods; try to include different type of fish every now and then. 

6.       Egg Salad Sandwich with oranges and pretzel sticks: Another simple yet healthy lunch.

7.       Mini Pizza Bagels with blueberries and chocolate pudding: Use English muffins, cut them open and put on a mixture of tomato sauce,  broccoli and skim mozzarella, and then cook at 350 for 5 minutes. Be sure to cut up and mix in the broccoli well inside the sauce.

8.       Pigs in a blanket, celery, grapes, cheese and cookies/crackers: This one is always a kid's favorite.

9.       Whole wheat macaroni with ground organic chicken cooked in olive oil and organic cheddar cheese, edamame, organic blueberries and strawberries: Putting chicken inside mac and cheese is a great way to add a little more protein to your baby’s diet.

10.   Broccoli and cheese, cut up hot dog, pasta, strawberries, fresh mozzarella, and cranberry orange mini muffin: Here’s how you give your child hot dogs and don’t feel so bad about it. Just surround it with healthy sides and your child will never know the difference. 

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