A day at the park with Sweetie Pie Organics

Today was an extraordinary day for visiting a Lake with beautiful weather with a high of 75 degrees. I brought along some of Mila’s favorite snacks – Sweetie Pie Organic wafers and freeze dried fruit. The first thing she loves to do when we come here is feed the ducks, so that’s exactly what she did!

After Mila fed the ducks, we took a break. She was extremely happy when she saw what snacks I brought for this afternoon’s adventures – Sweetie Pie carrot wafers and freeze dried fruit snacks! Yum!

Mila loves playing in the sand with the colorful toys at the park. A smart mother knows accidents happen and to always bring a backup change of clothes. We had a wardrobe switch, because her dress got too dirty from playing in the grass with all the ducks.

There’s never too many snack breaks! We had to recharge our energy and did so with some Sweetie Pie sweet beet wafers and freeze dried fruit snacks. Mila loves them so much she always has both hands full.

Carrot wafers are Mila's favorite, so before our lake adventures came to an end she had a smile on her face with her favorite wafers in hand. She was probably grinning so hard, because she has the whole box in her hands.