Introducing meat to your baby

Introducing meat to your baby

Many parents are nervous about introducing meats to their child for the very first time, and for good reason. Meats have to be prepared just right for your child to avoid any bacteria or choking problems, but luckily we've got a helpful guide to help you through the process. 

When is my baby ready for meat?

Most pediatricians will recommend that you wait until around 7-8 months to first serve your child meat. Around this time your baby's stored iron has started to deplete, so introducing meats is a good time to keep up their iron levels. 

What meats should my baby try first?

Chicken or Turkey is typically the first meat that is introduced. However whenever you look up a new baby food online it is always important to remember to consult your pediatrician before introducing new foods to your child. 

How do I prepare meat for my baby?

Baking meats is generally the best way to preserve all of the foods nutrients. Be sure to cook the meat all the way through so that "pink" areas left. You should never serve rare baby food meat, as there can be risks of bacterial infection.