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Sweetie Pie Organics

Lactation Bar Chocolate Brownie with Flaxseeds and Fenugreek 6 bars

Sold out
  • Lactation Bar Chocolate Brownie with Flaxseeds and Fenugreek 6 bars

Sweetie Pie Organics

Lactation Bar Chocolate Brownie with Flaxseeds and Fenugreek 6 bars

Sold out
A delicious lactation bar for nursing moms. These bars are a lactation supplement made with natural galactagogues that help boost milk supply.
Consuming 1-2 bars a day can help increase milk supply. 
It is a wholesome alternative to sugary lactation cookies.
They contain simple plant-based ingredients such as fenugreek, oats,and omega-3 flaxseed. That’s nutrition and energy powered by nature!
The bar packs in 5 grams of protein that is beneficial for breastfeeding moms.
A convenient lactation snack for breastfeeding and pumping moms looking to boost their milk supply. 
No sugar added, organic, and GMO-free.
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    Mighty Lactation Oats

    Oatmeal is a good source of iron and it helps increase breastmilk supply.

    Yeah, Mama, you might know that already! But eating oatmeal all day long is not usually an option:) For all those times when you are in a hurry, you can grab our oatmeal bars! They come in two yummy flavors, and they are so easy on the go.
    Many people enjoy them with their favorite beverage, like tea or coffee .
    And our personal fave, is to have a bar for dessert, as a sweet ending to a meal. Best part is, no guilt, pure joy! 

    Full Belly - Happy Baby

    Ok, nothing to add here, mama:) You are doing great!

    A Tasty Bar with Key Ingredients Your Body Needs

    It's Tasty!

    Mama, we know that when you breastfeed you are always starving. Of course you want something delicious that is also good for both you and your baby.

    There are NO EMPTY calories in our bars, and every yummy bite works to boost your milk supply.

    Our bar contains Flaxseed -which means Omega 3 fatty acids for your baby's eye and brain development.

    Our bodies do not manufacture their own polyunsaturated fatty acids, so we need to get them through our food. Flaxseed is rich with Omega-6 and omega-3 that are considered to be essential fatty acids (EFAs) and have numerous health benefits for both you, mom, and your baby.



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