Why you should make your own baby food

Why you should make your own baby food

One of the biggest decisions a parent has to make for their baby is what exactly to feed them. While it is easy to just purchase generic baby food and assume it is healthy for your child, many parents are learning that not all baby food is created equally. With so many different brands and types of baby food it can also be very hard to choose what to buy and serve for your child. The solution for many parents to these problems has been to start making their own baby food instead of purchasing it from the store. While this decision is not for everyone, there are certainly some added benefits for you and your baby from doing this.

Things to remember when you choose to create your own baby food


  • You know exactly what your child is eating. There’s no need to guess or worry about hidden ingredients as everything made is done directly by you. 
  • You know when your ingredients come from to make fresh baby food.
  • You able to put your own spin or create your own unique recipes to make the best homemade baby food on the planet :)
  • It tastes better. Many parents claim that their homemade food tastes better than generic baby food and that their babies enjoy it more as well.
  • You can choose and make your own combinations of fruits and veggies instead of having to rely on prepackaged and premixed baby food flavors.
  • It is often more economical to make your own baby food as opposed to buying it from the store, which is always appreciated by new parents.
  • It can be more nutritious. Many baby foods have to cook fruits and veggies at much higher temperatures in order to kill bacteria for longer storage, which also significantly decreases its nutritional value.


  • It can take up a lot of time. Making all your baby food on your own can be quite a task for some busier families.
  • It is more inconvenient as prepackaged food comes ready to serve and doesn’t have to be thawed or defrosted.
  • Storing homemade baby food can be more of a challenge for parents and often doesn’t save as long as prepackaged baby food.  

While making your own baby food is harder for many parents than simply buying prepackaged foods, there certainly are some big benefits to making it yourself. If you choose to make your own baby food pouches, snacks, meals, etc. - it is important to do research and consult your pediatrician before your serve any new food to your child. Some baby food vegetables like spinach, beets, squash, carrots, and green beans are best bought from a store due to high nitrate levels. Food manufacturers test nitrate levels before selling baby food, but we do not have that same luxury when purchasing raw vegetables at the grocery store. For some great recipes to try with your infant check out our recipe guide here.