10 Fun distractions for toddlers to give mama a break

Everyone knows that entertaining and taking care of a toddler can be very draining. While a curious mind is typically a good thing sometimes it can drive you a little crazy. To give you hard-working mom's a break we came up with a fun list of 10 activities that will keep your toddler happy and give you some time to catch your breath. 

  1. Water Bins/Tables:

    • These require a nice day and a deck, but are great. Fill up a small tub with water and provide scoops, bowls, and a few fun toys that sink or float. Add a few drops of food coloring for extra fun! Your child will need a change of clothes after its all over, but there will be a lot of fun in the mean time.  *Please use your best judgment when allowing young children to engage in water play and ensure close supervision at all times. 
  2. Legos and blocks:

    • These are great all by themselves, and can also be used with other props like dolls, cars, shoeboxes, and paper towel rolls.
  3. Playing Percussion:

    • Who doesn’t love making a bit of noise? Get out the old saucepans and wooden spoon and get your youngster drumming. Better yet, a set of colorful maracas will give it a more authentic feel.
  4. Pretend Time:

    • Trying to get some space while you cook dinner? Consider giving your young one a couple pots, pans, and utensils of their own and let them pretend cook along with you.
  5. Play dough:

    • It’s versatile, colorful, and not too messy. What’s not to love? Plus, you can make it yourself at home with basic ingredients and there are lots of different ways to use it creatively.
  6. Music:

    • Put on some light hearted tunes and let your toddler jam out. Encourage him/her to dance and maybe even show off a few moves of your own.
  7. Painting:

    • Give your child a cup of water and a brush and let them paint their latest masterpiece onto the porch or driveway. With little to no clean up this activity makes for a stress free distraction. An alternative to this type of painting is with a Ziploc bag filled with paint. Simply fill the bag with a little bit of paint, seal the bag and tape it onto a glass door or window. Now your child can paint wonderful creations without any of the mess.
  8. Books:

    • Even though your child most likely can’t read just yet, he/she will still enjoy looking at pictures in children’s books. Pick out a couple and let your toddler explore the book and picture at his/her own pace.
  9. Shadow Puppets:

    • Set up a flashlight shining against a wall and show your toddler how to make a shadow puppet. After a quick demonstration your child will be lost in the game and you’ll be free to take a breather.
  10. Balloons:

    • They don't even need helium- just blow them up and tie them to a ribbon to let your child try and keep it in the air. Bonus points for getting a pool noodle to hit the balloon with.