5 Great birthday party theme ideas for toddlers

Crayon Party

The crayon is perhaps one of the most universally loved toys with young kids.  With thousands of colors and endless ways to make a masterpiece, what’s not to love?  For this party we recommend stocking up big on all your kids favorite colors and letting them loose on a paper tablecloth or posters. This party will get the creative juices flowing and even lets the parents get in on the fun too. At the end of the party you can also give out some cool crayons in a cup or baggie, the more unusual the color or shape the better.

Dinosaur Party

Have a prehistoric party where your little one can indulge in his fascination with the prehistoric world. Decorate the house with pictures of dinosaurs, fossils, dino eggs, and the jungle, but be sure not to make anything too scary for the kid’s sake. For a party game you can have kids go on a fossil hunt either in a sandbox or just around the backyard. If outside isn’t an option turkey roasting pans and sand will work in a pinch, just be prepared to clean up after the party is over. For a party favor you can hand out temporary tattoos or even mini “dino eggs”.

Circus Party

Take your child and a few friends to the circus for the day. With this idea there’s no need to set up lots of decorations or plan party games, just simply take your child out for a fun afternoon seeing amazing animals and tricks in a family friendly environment.

Wild West Party

Get out your cowboy boots and stick horses for this great party for active little ones. This party can be held inside or outside and has plenty of opportunity for pretend play and fun costumes. It’s important to try to stick to rodeo and party games to avoid the pretend gunfights that many parents aren’t very fond of. If you have a good outdoor space consider renting a pony for the party. Another alternative is to have a stick horse race between all the children.

Mickey Mouse Party

Mickey has been a childhood favorite since most of us were kids and not much has changed about that. Disney has put a lot of time into making tons of Disney related party games such as pin the tail on Mickey. These games can be very easily set up and can be very helpful for parents struggling to come up with fun activities on their own.