• Healthy breastfeeding

    Health And Diet

    The nutritional requirements for the baby will rely solely on breast milk, and therefore the mother will need to maintain a healthy diet. If the baby is large and grows fast, the fat stores gained by the mother during pregnancy...

  • Breastfeeding toddlers

    Breastfeeding Toddlers

    Because more and more women are choosing to breast feed their babies, more are also finding that they enjoy it enough to continue longer than the first few months they planned on. Breast feeding to 3 - 4 years of...

  • Breastfeeding Complications

    Breast Feeding Complications

    Sore nipples A lot of mothers complain about tender nipples that make breast feeding painful and frustrating. There is good news though, as most mothers don't suffer that long. The nipples will toughen up quickly and render breast feeding virtually...