Benefits For Mothers Who Breastfeed

Often mothers are encouraged to breastfeed knowing only the beneficial factors it has for their child, not themselves. So why not have an article here to inform you on just that?

Breastfeeding can feel like a lot of extra work on a mother. But fortunately for you moms who go the extra mile you receive many more benefits than the ones who don’t.  Since breastfeeding is active action you are burning extra calories which help you lose weight at a faster rate.

Meaning you can get back to wearing those 2 piece bathing suits, and fitting your old jeans in no time! This is certainly something to be excited about.

Additionally, the act of breastfeeding releases a hormone called “oxytocin”. Oxytocin acts as a healing component for your uterus to assist in returning it back to its pre-pregnancy size. It also can reduce bleeding after birth.

Let us not fail to mention breastfeeding helps with the bonding process of the mother and child with all the personal time, care, and physical contact. While doing this, you also will be lowering your chances of breast, and ovarian cancer which is a win-win for mothers across the globe.

Before you go invest your money and time in measuring cups, artificial formulas, and bottles, we strongly encourage you to consider the natural feeding option. The benefits are not only plentiful for the baby, but for mothers who take the extra initiative as well.

Benefits For Mothers Who Breastfeed